Chorus Attire

Happy Friday! A few announcements about chorus shirts, hoodies and formal uniforms:

  • Items cannot be taken home until they have been paid for. If you still owe money for a shirt, hoodie, dress, or tux, please turn that in as soon as possible. Online payments closed after due dates, so all money will now need to be turned in via check or cash.
  • If you purchased a garment bag, they are not in yet
  • Tux ensemble ties: the wrong size ties were delivered; the correct sizes just arrived and will be handed out on Monday
  • 7th and 8th grade: try on your new dress or tux ensemble–most will need to be hemmed. It’s recommended you avoid cutting off material in case you grow or pass your uniform down to a sibling or friend. Try to make alterations where you just fold the material under.

This Week in Chorus

Happy October!


SEVENTH GRADE AND NEW EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS: Formal uniform and garment bag payments are due tomorrow. Click the Uniforms tab for the informational paper that was sent home. Payments can be made online or via check/cash.


ALL-STATE AUDITIONEES: Our first audition prep meeting is tomorrow at 8AM. You can come to as many or as few as you want until auditions in November, however, the more you attend, the more confident you will be! Bring your All-State folder.


DISTRICT HONOR CHORUS SINGERS: The first morning rehearsal is this Friday at 8AM for the BARITONES. As of now, we are still waiting on music to arrive. Please plan for us to still rehearse, and if music still has not come in by Thursday, we will cancel and reschedule your rehearsal for another time.

Formal Uniforms-7th Grade and New 8th Grade Students

Formal Uniform papers went home today to Seventh Grade Chorus students and all new Eighth Grade Chorus students. Visit the UNIFORMS tab to view/download the paper. Uniform payments can be be made online OR cash/check (to Dickerson Middle). Payments are due OCTOBER 2.


Any students who were not sized at Guys Day or Girls Day will be sized next TUESDAY, September 17. Parents, click here to help with those uniform fittings.

Fundraiser Turn-In & Honor Chorus/Sixth Grade Statewide Results

CHORUS FUNDRAISER TURN-IN IS NEXT WEEK! Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Chorus turn-in is September 12 and 13 during classes
  2. Each student should be turning in ONE check with all fundraiser items added together and ONE check with all donations added together. ONE CHECK.
  3. Instead of a total item sheet in your packet like in previous years, this year it is an electronic form that will do the math for you! You just enter how many of each item you need total. This Order Sheet should be completed at home, printed, and placed in the packet to be turned in. Click here to download and complete the Order Sheet. Don’t forget to print!!
  4. PARENTS, we need lots of help on chorus fundraiser turn-in days. Students have been doing a great job getting donations and selling fundraiser items  but that means a lot will be turned in!! Please click here to sign up to volunteer.


District Honor Chorus and Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus results can be viewed  by clicking each respective event under the Events tab. 

Annual Music Fundraiser Underway!

Today we kicked off our annual music fundraiser in each chorus class. Every year, our chorus students raise thousands of dollars that go directly back to providing them the best musical instruction and opportunities possible.

This first selling weekend is HUGE — sell to neighbors, grandparents, coaches, scout leaders, family friends, your parent’s co-workers, and more! I’ll do our first numbers check on Monday–which class will sell the most items?!

DONATIONS!!! When making your “sales pitch,” don’t forget to talk about donations. With donations, 100% goes to the chorus program.

Don’t forget to collect money from people as you sell! Money goes to your PARENTS, who will write ONE BIG CHECK to Dickerson Middle School on the turn-in day.


ALL Grades: Upcoming Events and Deadlines…

Today in class students received information about a couple awesome events coming up. Please see below for details so permission slips and money are turned in on time!

2019 Music Fundraiser Kick-Off: Friday, August 23

Parents, please click here to help.

GUYS DAY 2019: August 27

Click here for the permission slip. FREE food and FUN times! Permission slip due AUGUST 23.

 Click here for Guys Day Parent Volunteer Sign-Up.


GIRLS DAY 2019: August 29

Click here for the permission slip. FREE food and FUN times! Permission slip due August 23.

 Click here for Girls Day Parent Volunteer Sign-Up.


BELLA VOCE 2019: September 7

This event is for all female choristers 6th-8th grade. Permission slips went home today. Slips and money are due AUGUST 23. Hover over the EVENTS tab above and click Bella Voce for details.


REAL MEN SING 2019: September 14

This event is for all male choristers 6th-8th grade. Permission slips went home today. Slips and money are due AUGUST 23. Hover over the EVENTS tab above and click Real Men Sing for details.

7th and 8th Grade: Due Tomorrow…

Have you looked over this year’s chorus handbook? The handbook contains the calendar, grading breakdown, required materials and information on uniforms.
Have you completed the ONLINE handbook contract agreement? This is replacing the paper handbook contract handed out in previous years.


Click the handbook tab above to view the handbook AND to fill out the online form. THEN, don’t forget to have a parent sign your agenda as confirmation that they saw and completed the form. Example: Chorus Handbook Form Filled Out: __________________________