Fundraising Has Begun!

The chorus students, together with band and orchestra, are in full swing with our annual music fundraiser. No matter what grade you’re in, the money we raise is going to significantly impact each and every ensemble directly, as we look to make some exciting purchases and participate in some great events this year! Please go to the Fundraiser page to view the letter we sent home (along with fundraising packets). This is where future posts, regarding important dates, top selling winners, and other pertinent information will be made. Each student has a personal goal of a minimum of TEN items for us to meet our goals.

Our fundraiser turn-in date is SEPTEMBER 29 and 30! That gives you a good chunk of time to sell at your parent’s work, with family friends and neighbors, at your church or synagogue, on weekends, and over Fall Break!

If you choose not to participate, please consider making a donation straight to Dickerson Chorus instead. With donations, 100% goes straight to DMS Choirs.

Now pull out those salesman or saleswoman skills and sell away!


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