Solo/Small Group Audition Results (Part 1)

Lights (solo)

Kaye Gresham, Kaitlyn Talsky

Ease on Down the Road (solo)

Sofia Estrella, Sean Hoffner, Alex Solov, Nandita Thayyil

Can You Hear (small group)

Sydney Barrett, Samantha Buyckx, Maddy Dunaway, Ayesha Fazilath, Bri Gabe, Alexa Holdmeyer, Shelby Holihan, Alyssa Keaton, Marta Knapp, Clara Macmeekin, Helen Mills, Sofia Pavento

2 thoughts on “Solo/Small Group Audition Results (Part 1)”

  1. Will there be other opportunities for solos, or duets? Is there a limit? Do the children have input on song selection? Thank you


    1. Yes, 8th grade is having multiple duet and solo auditions throughout this week. We hope to have results posted Friday afternoon. There is not a limit as to the number of solos students can audition for. As to song selection, I always want to hear if there are songs students are interested in performing, with the understanding that sometimes it doesn’t fit into what we need to prepare for a given event or performance. We also always have to make sure there is a choral arrangement, and that it is an appropriate level for that group.


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