ALL GRADES: Parts/Memory Testing Schedule

As of the day this post is written, there are only 14 school days left until the concert!!! In order to make sure every student is prepared and confident, and to ensure we put on a great performance, close to every concert we have what’s called “parts” or “memory” testing on each song that will be performed.

Students will sing in small groups (approx. 12-20 students) a random portion of on of their songs. This is not expected to be perfect or a performance, but rather  a check-in that students know what they’re doing. We want to see that they know their rhythms and pitches, they know the words, and they know when they are singing versus not singing. Each grade will be tested on two songs next week, and their remaining songs the week following. Students were informed about these upcoming parts tests a week and a half ago.

Below you will find the schedule for what songs are being tested when. Students are always encouraged to bring home their folders and any material from class to help them study or prepare for anything. Their folder and music are like textbooks; they are under each student’s care as long as the student is in possession of them, and the student just needs to remember to bring them back for class!

October 27 and 29

7th Grade: Ease on Down the Road; Lights

8th Grade: Light Up the World, Fix You

6th Grade: Fireflies, Zum Gali Gali

November 3 and 4

7th Grade: Something in the Dark, Lightning

8th Grade: Come in from the Firefly Darkness, Can You Hear

6th Grade: One Single Light, Ching a Ring


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