IMPORTANT Fall Chorus Concert Reminders!

(This information will be given in paper form to students tomorrow.)


Uniforms                                                                                                                                6th GRADE: Make sure you’ve turned in your $10 t-shirt money. Your uniform for this year consists of that shirt, nice blue jeans, and nice black shoes (think the kind of shoes you will want to wear when you have dresses/tuxes next year).

7th GRADE: Try on your entire uniform and make sure it all fits! Girls may need dresses hemmed, and guys may need pants hemmed. Whatever you do, please do not cut the fabric! This will make it easier for you to sell to a younger student at the end of 8th grade if you want. Also make sure you have your black dress shoes.

8th GRADE: Find your uniforms! It’s been a few months since you last used them. Dust them off, maybe clean them, and make sure they are concert-ready. Also make sure you have your black dress shoes.

ALL: A reminder that hair should be out of the face. Small earrings and bracelets are allowed—nothing blingy. No necklaces or headbands.

Concert Day!

Concerts are in the Dickerson Theatre. All our concerts are free to the public. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must come through the front door to the chorus room at their call time.

6th Grade Concert: Student call time—5:30PM; Concert—6:00PM

7th Grade Concert: Student call time—6:40PM; Concert—7:00PM

8th Grade Concert: Student call time—7:40PM; Concert—8:00PM


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