Bravissimo! And a few other things…

Wow!!! I keep hearing over and over how much everyone enjoyed your performances last night! Parents, administrators, teachers, relatives, other chorus teachers–they all were so impressed. Every single grade went above and beyond my expectations, and you should all be extremely proud of your selves. Thank you thank you for performing such a wonderful concert, and first concert with me as your director.


If you were not at the concert last night–regardless of the reason–you have one week from the concert date to complete the make-up assignment. This is in the handbook contract you received and signed at the beginning of the year. Students must set up a time before or after school to perform their songs, OR must record themselves and send it in. If this is not done by Tuesday, your fall concert performance grade will be a 0%.


If you are auditioning this Saturday for All-State Chorus, and you would like one last chance to practice, you can come in tomorrow morning before school. Otherwise, see you on Saturday!


Parents, be looking for the Final Reminders sheet that should be coming home today or today (some students picked it up today). This has all the final, very important details for next week’s event! Get excited!!! You can find the document on the Honor Chorus tab above as well.


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