Grades, Atrium Singing, and In-Class Singing


Please be checking online that there are no discrepancies with your grades. There are a few no-name assignments, as well as a few missing or incomplete grades. Get those in before it’s too late!

Atrium Singing

ALL GRADES, tomorrow is your last opportunity to get the “Winter Singing Performance” grade! If you have a zero under that assignment, be here tomorrow at 8:15AM!!! Last Friday in the atrium was wonderful and fun for singers and passerby alike!

In-Class Singing

WOW! Every class and every grade has exceeded our expectations with your small group singing project performances, and then for those of you who volunteered to perform for the class today! Be on the lookout for clips of all those videos on the chorus Instagram, including an AMAZING (though I may be biased) Dickerson Chorus rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas by two of our own 6th graders!!!

Tomorrow in class is the big announcement!


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