Before Break Begins…


All choirs will have their memory/parts testing for their 2 LGPE songs the week we return from break. Students were highly encouraged to bring home those songs to look at even just a few times over the break. If you’ve been getting away with not really knowing your words or notes up to this point, that won’t work when we get into small groups for testing!!!

CHAMBER SINGERS: Ms. Jones and I spent lots of time recording and uploading and preparing audio rehearsal tracks for each of your 2 LGPE songs, because we don’t get to rehearse nearly as often as regular classes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use them!!!! We told you to bring your music home today, but even if you didn’t, listen to your part’s tracks just a few times anyways! Think of it as memory practice. To find the tracks, hover over the above Media tab and click Youtube, or just click here. You will see the tracks embedded. If you want your part sent to you as an MP3 that you can download, just shoot me an email.


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