Ready for LGPE?…

Happy Leap Day!


ALL Disney money and t-shirt contest applications are due!!!


ALL SEVENTH GRADE STUDENTS, EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS, and CHAMBER SINGERS performing at LGPE will stay after school, rehearse, and put on a preview concert at 7PM, to be done by 7:30PM. A reminder that this is a grade, as is the actual LGPE event. If you need to see the schedule again, please refer to the previous post entitled “Permission Slip Due Dates and Meetings” for the document that was sent home.


Monday is LGPE for 8th grade and Chamber Singers, and Tuesday is LGPE for 7th grade. Again, please see one of the previous posts for the schedule. Remember that students will be leaving school mid-day and returning by bus in the evening.


Sixth grade has been preparing in class as if they were attending LGPE as well, with the genres of music they are currently working on, as well as how much we have been focusing on sight-reading. We will have a “mock” LGPE performance on Friday, March 11 in the theatre, where the Sixth Grade Chorus will sing in front of some of the other sixth graders. While not the same as attending the real LGPE, it will still give them an idea of what it will be like next year, and it will give their peers a chance to hear how awesome they sound! Parents are welcome to attend if they would like, though please realize it is only 2 songs (these songs will not be sung again at the spring concert). The performance will be at 10:30 AM.  All sixth graders should wear their Dickerson Chorus shirt and nice jeans on that day.


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