Spring Concert Theme Voting Closed

Thank you to everyone who contributed great ideas for concert themes. Whatever it ends up being, it’s going to be a blast! Please read everything below–it’s important!!!

You only have one vote, so make it count. As you consider where to place your vote out of the many (all great) options, think about what you would enjoy not just singing in a chorus setting, but having an entire concert about (that’s 8-10 songs). The theme you pick might not necessarily be your favorite thing, but it may be what you think would be most enjoyable to have a whole concert centered around.

If you do not see your concert theme option, one of two things happened:

  1. After research was done, it was discovered that there are not enough choral arrangements/songs to fit that theme for any entire concert of 4 different performing ensembles, each singing 1-2 songs at least.
  2. Your theme could fit into under another theme, and it would allow more variety in the theme.

Please do not ask to add more themes and vote again. These are the options. We have to get voting finished so music can be picked, bought if needed, and ready to begin learning as soon as possible!



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