Polyps, Disney Princesses, and Projects!

Like the alliteration? 🙂

We’ve been discussing the vocal folds and the development of nodules and polyps the past few days, and there have been SO many amazing questions and ideas brought up. Parents, ask your children what they’ve been learning! Students, share what you’ve been talking about!

Eighth Grade Choristers going on the Disney trip: your medical forms (together with a copy of your insurance card) are due this coming Thursday!

ALL Students: we will be doing a small group project next week. Though we have not gone over what it will be in class yet, you can be one step ahead of the game by making sure you’ve got a small poster board (half or even a quarter of a regular size board) and art supplies (markers, colored paper, whatever you fancy) to make your project look as great as possible. We will explain all this in class, but here’s a heads up before the weekend starts.


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