Spring Concert Audition Results

WOW! What a showing! I was very impressed and feel so grateful to be working with such talented young solo vocalists. Thank you everyone for auditioning. The following are the solos for the spring concert repertoire. Keep solo singing, and keep auditioning!

Fight Song

First solo: Margo Wilson

Second solo: Austin Downey

Ending solo: Abby Bafs

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly

First solo: Gabrielle Bell, David Harris

Second solo: Thom Hellerstein and Marion Flint

Small Group: Kareena Bakshani, Sam Balboa, Gabrielle Bell, Emma-Kate Elwart, Sofia Estrella, Taylor Evans, Dillan Hatz, Thom Hellerstein, Anna Moore, Georgia Rood, Olivia Slack, Alex Solov, Kaitlyn Talsky

Third solo: Kaye Gresham

Ending solo: Kaitlyn Talsky


First solo: Luke Crisler

Trio: soprano-Lindsay Sheldon; alto-Keya Mehta; baritone-Luke Crisler


First solo: Aubray Kreider

Girl’s Sing-Off

First solo: Christy Garlock

Second solo: Natalie Wolff

Ending solo: Shelby Holihan


First solo: Sydney Barrett

Second solo: Karli Cuthrell

Third solo: Bri Gabe


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