The concept of “heart pats” is something I was introduced to in college by the Director of Choral Activities at my university. It’s the idea that a performance is so meaningful that the end response is simply a warm and joyful feeling in one’s heart. Last night was a “heart pats” moment for Ms. Jones and myself. You all have come so far in the past year, and we are very proud of you. I don’t even need to mention all the compliments you received via parents, other choral directors and music people, and even a board member!

Eighth graders, it has been an absolute pleasure. I hope that your final year of chorus at Dickerson was memorable in many ways–musically and otherwise. We have enjoyed teaching you and getting to know each of you. Good luck with whatever the next chapter of your life holds!

Anyone who missed the concert–regardless of the reason, remember that as the handbook states, in order to receive credit for this performance, you must submit an audio recording or set up a time before or after school to sing for one of the directors within one week of the concert. That makes the deadline next Tuesday, May 24.


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