Another Year Come and Gone…

And what a year it has been!

Some of the highlights…a fall concert full of LIGHTS, the creation of Chamber Singers, District Honor Chorus, caroling at the The Avenue, singing for our veterans, seeing your creativity in small group caroling projects, Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus, LGPE, singing for 5th graders and their parents, Eighth Grade Chorus Trip, and a combined BRIGHT spring concert at Lassiter. WOW.

Speaking of which, to view the spring concert, go to the Media tab, and click Youtube, or click here.

Have a fantastic summer! Adieu to our 8th graders as you move on to great things. Don’t be a stranger next year 🙂 Sixth and seventh, I hope you’re as excited about next year as I am!!!! SOOO stoked to share with you all the plans we are putting in place….

Finally, congratulations to next year’s Chamber Singers. Be on the lookout for an email over the summer regarding coming in for rehearsal the last week before school. Another round of auditions will be held  2-3 weeks into school for next year’s 6th graders and anyone who decides later that they want to audition.

Chamber Singers Fall 2016

Gabrielle Bell

Jordan Brennan

Evan Crowell

Olivia Cuthrell*

Austin Downey

Madeline Dunning

Kaye Gresham

David Harris

Bruce Lazarakis*

Abbey Lloyd*

Emily McNiece

Anna Moore

Hannah Ograbisz

Isabella Orndorff

Gabriela Pellegrini

Kaitlyn Talsky

Jonathon Wang

If you have a * by your name you did not turn in a form. Please email Ms. Guerra good contact email address and your availability the week of July 25-29 as soon as possible.


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