So many exciting things to look forward to on this busy, busy weekend!



  • be outside DMS at 11:40AM tomorrow
  • you should have already eaten lunch!
  • bring a bag with your music, water, a pencil, a snack, phone
  • wear nice jeans or khakis; your shirt doesn’t matter
  • make sure you have arranged a ride home after the concert
WANT TO SUPPORT THE 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys???
Come to the FREE concert tomorrow evening at 7PM. The address is 1171 Whitlock Ave (Marietta Performing Arts Center)


  • be outside DMS at 6:55AM on Sunday (don’t be late or we may leave without you!!)
  • you may want to bring a water bottle and noisemakers/pompoms/spirit gear; phones are fine
  • wear comfy clothes and shoes–any DMS Chorus shirts are preferred!!!
  • make sure you have arranged a ride home from DMS after the event (approximately 11AM)
WANT TO SUPPORT the 7th and 8th graders and give money to a GREAT cause? LIKE RUNNING OR WALKING OR JUST BEING OUTSIDE?
Register to participate in the 5K (you can run, walk, jog, hop, skip, whatever!) this Sunday at 8AM. Registration is available online at

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