CAROLING and Formal Uniforms

It’s time for the Dickerson Choruses to carol in the community again!

Click the your grade/event below to view and download the permission slip.

SIXTH GRADE CHORUS: 12/3 @ Sterling Estates
CHAMBER SINGERS: 12/10 @ VA Medical Center


On another note…ANYONE who has a formal uniform needs to try it on to make sure it fits and doesn’t need to be hemmed or altered (especially 8th graders who haven’t worn them since the spring!!) A word of advice–if you avoid cutting fabric when hemming pants or dresses, it will be much easier to sell or donate to another student when you are done! There are a few dresses that have not arrived yet; they were backordered 😦 –we have extras that can be borrowed if needed for the winter concert; don’t worry!! I will notify students the Friday before concert week if that is the case.


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