How’s That Music Coming Along?…


Believe it or not, there is only ONE week left of rehearsals until our MOCK LGPE on February 27, and then just FOUR more rehearsals after that to fine tune before LGPE!!!! (A paper about all LGPE-related information will be coming home either tomorrow or Monday, and will be posted here.)


PLEASE PRACTICE YOUR MUSIC! You are not often asked to do work outside of this class. THIS is one of those times, as time is of the essence. We have some truly beautiful songs coming together, and I want everyone in the audience to hear it, I want you to feel excited and accomplished, and I want the judges to judge the best possible representation of each group.



Eighth grade ladies: ALL TRACKS are up under the Listening tab. You can also click here. Please utilize them.

Can you tell I was having some fun with memes? 🙂 On a final, very true note…




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