IPA Quiz Re-Take Assignment (7th and 8th Grade Only)

Any student interested in taking the IPA Quiz Re-Take must complete the assignment below for extra practice and review. This assignment should be handed in by next Wednesday, 4/26 if you would like it looked over for feedback and returned to you before the re-take. The re-take will be next Friday, 4/28. You cannot re-take the quiz unless you turn in the re-take assignment before Friday.

IPA RE-TAKE ASSIGNMENT Directions: On your own paper, copy down each of the following IPA symbols. For each symbol, write a word in English that uses that symbol, then write the word in IPA. Helpful hint: you may want to make this like a 3-column chart.

Example:   [æ]   |   cat   |   [kæt]


  1. [æ]
  2. [a]
  3. [ʌ]
  4. [ɛ]
  5. [ə]
  6. [i]
  7. [ɪ]
  8. [o]
  9. [ɔ]
  10. [u]
  11. [ei]
  12. [ai]


  1. [ts]
  2. [dʒ]
  3. [j]
  4. [ŋ]
  5. [ʃ]
  6. [tʃ]
  7. [θ] (helpful hint: this symbol is called a theta, and that’s the sound it’s used for)
  8. [ð]

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