Tomorrow’s Spring Concert

Good evening! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about tomorrow’s performance. In case you aren’t already aware, with the weather forecast for the Eighth Grade Field Day on Friday, it has been rescheduled to tomorrow. This means I will not see any classes until calltime tomorrow evening, so a few final reminders…

  1. Calltime means be there FIVE MINUTES EARLY! We need every minute!
  2. Be dressed in your concert attire when you arrive. Make sure you’ve eaten prior.
  3. PLEASE be respectful of the facilities–pick up after yourselves, help your classmates do the same.
  4. Each ensemble has 2-4 parents overseeing starting when you leave your stage calltime with me and through to the end of the concert. They will take you to the Choir Rehearsal room to drop off your things and ALL PHONES, then back up to the sanctuary to sit in your spots until concert time. Listen to the adults and show them the utmost respect.
  5.  Always display excellent stage, audience, and transition etiquette. Let your demeanor be as fantastic as how you all sound.
  6. Have fun!!!!!!



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