Fundraiser Turn-In & Honor Chorus/Sixth Grade Statewide Results

CHORUS FUNDRAISER TURN-IN IS NEXT WEEK! Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Chorus turn-in is September 12 and 13 during classes
  2. Each student should be turning in ONE check with all fundraiser items added together and ONE check with all donations added together. ONE CHECK.
  3. Instead of a total item sheet in your packet like in previous years, this year it is an electronic form that will do the math for you! You just enter how many of each item you need total. This Order Sheet should be completed at home, printed, and placed in the packet to be turned in. Click here to download and complete the Order Sheet. Don’t forget to print!!
  4. PARENTS, we need lots of help on chorus fundraiser turn-in days. Students have been doing a great job getting donations and selling fundraiser items  but that means a lot will be turned in!! Please click here to sign up to volunteer.


District Honor Chorus and Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus results can be viewed  by clicking each respective event under the Events tab. 


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