This Week in Chorus

Happy October!


SEVENTH GRADE AND NEW EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS: Formal uniform and garment bag payments are due tomorrow. Click the Uniforms tab for the informational paper that was sent home. Payments can be made online or via check/cash.


ALL-STATE AUDITIONEES: Our first audition prep meeting is tomorrow at 8AM. You can come to as many or as few as you want until auditions in November, however, the more you attend, the more confident you will be! Bring your All-State folder.


DISTRICT HONOR CHORUS SINGERS: The first morning rehearsal is this Friday at 8AM for the BARITONES. As of now, we are still waiting on music to arrive. Please plan for us to still rehearse, and if music still has not come in by Thursday, we will cancel and reschedule your rehearsal for another time.


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