Chorus Attire

Happy Friday! A few announcements about chorus shirts, hoodies and formal uniforms:

  • Items cannot be taken home until they have been paid for. If you still owe money for a shirt, hoodie, dress, or tux, please turn that in as soon as possible. Online payments closed after due dates, so all money will now need to be turned in via check or cash.
  • If you purchased a garment bag, they are not in yet
  • Tux ensemble ties: the wrong size ties were delivered; the correct sizes just arrived and will be handed out on Monday
  • 7th and 8th grade: try on your new dress or tux ensemble–most will need to be hemmed. It’s recommended you avoid cutting off material in case you grow or pass your uniform down to a sibling or friend. Try to make alterations where you just fold the material under.

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