Hawks Performers AND Eighth Grade Chorus Trip

Congratulations to this year’s Hawks game National Anthem performers! 

Red forms (for performers, chaperones, shirt orders, and all ticket orders) and payment are due WEDNESDAY, November 6.


Maia Alston
Addison Baehman
Alana Bennett
Lauren Butler
Evie Call
Lailanne Daniel
Kelly East
Monica Fu
Charlotte Leamy
Michaela Lehmann
Grace May
Renee Michaels
Avery Myler
Chloe Nicholson
Ava Noer
Olivia Paz
Emily Rocha
Aanchal Saini
Kate Schmidley
Hannah Schmidley
Sarah Wallace
Hannah Waters
Laurel Williams


Tessa Bafs
Koa Bingham
Mya Bloom
Gracie Cavallo
Eleanor Chandler
Railey Chanon
Jackson Cobble
Brady Franson
Demi Friedman
Allie Hellerstein
Sarah Hughes
Navya Kumar
Lena Pero
Austin Shields
Maya Smith
Jacob Turner
Adam Wang


EIGHTH GRADE TRIP PACKETS were handed out today in class. Visit the Eighth Grade Chorus trip tab for the packet.


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