Next Week in Chorus…

Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s already almost February, but January was busy and there’s many more exciting things  to come!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3: Final Eighth Grade Washington, DC Trip Payment Due (now $200 instead of $250)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4: Rising Sixth Grade Visit and Parent Meeting

  • During the day, select sixth grade chorus students will sing some fun loop songs for the visiting 5th graders, while the rest of the sixth grade chorus will have student-led classes singing warm-ups, silly songs, and doing physical exercises we’ve learned throughout the year as fifth graders walk through the chorus room. All students are encouraged to wear Dickerson Chorus spiritwear; loop song performers are required to wear blue Dickerson Chorus shirt (not hoodie) and blue jeans.
  • In the evening, a small sampling of our talented eighth graders will sing the Pentatonix arrangement of White Winter Hymnal,  complete with all the awesome body percussion, for the fifth grade parents during Rising Sixth Grade Night. Students must wear blue Dickerson Chorus shirt (not hoodie) and blue jeans. Calltime for students is at 6:30PM in the chorus room – they can enter via the music doors. We will perform at 7:05PM and pick-up is 7:15.  Parking will be extremely limited so parents are encouraged to drop students off, go grab a quick Starbucks or run and errand, and then head back over 🙂

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