Dickerson 40th Anniversary Performances

Welcome to March! This week Show Choir and a portion of the Eighth Grade Chorus will perform during Dickerson’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday. There will be teachers, administrators, and staff from all 40 years of Dickerson’s existence in attendance, so this is a very special performance! Let’s WOW them!

Also on Thursday is the deadline for LGPE permission slips for all 7th and 8th grade chorus students. This is a mandatory, graded event, as stated in the choral handbook. 



  • calltime: 6PM, pick-up 7PM
  • attire: gold tops & bowties, black pants, black button-down shirts, black vests, black “dancing” shoes
  • girls: make sure undergarments are skin-colored or clear!



  • calltime: 6PM, pick-up 7PM
  • attire: formal chorus uniforms

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