Hey there, Dickerson Chorus!

Feeling a bit bored?

Looking for a new activity?

Wanna have some fun competing against your chorus classmates?

This week we’re starting Chorus Bingo! It’s a fun little game for all Dickerson Chorus students. Every week will be a different Bingo card. YOUR task is to complete as MUCH of the board as possible! Double BINGO, triple BINGO, how many squares can you complete? I will post the top “scorers” in each grade as well as the top “scorers” out of everyone weekly with a new post right here on the chorus website. Your “score” is the number of boxes you completed for the week.

Have fun, and good luck!


Click here to download ROUND ONE of CHORUS BINGO.


The Chorus Bingo Flipgrid code is: chorusbingo


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