Update on Grading/Assignments

Hey there, Dickerson Chorus! A quick update on grading…


All assignments in the grade book are current as of today. I have not yet entered in last week’s assignments (that will be done this week), but everything else that will be assessed from digital learning so far is in there!

  • What if I have a blank?    You can still do the assignment! Complete it and let me know if you don’t see your grade updated within a few days.
  • What if I have an N/A on a SightReadingFactory assignment?    You can try the assignment again! Email me what example you’d like re-set, and you can do it again.
  • What if I’m struggling with SightReadingFactory or have questions about how to do something?    Sign up for sight-reading tutoring–Mondays in 15-minute slots.
  • What if I think something is incorrect in the grade book?    Email me and we will figure it out!

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