Friday Update

Hey, Dickerson Chorus!

It has warmed my heart seeing your faces, chatting about life, and doing show&tell with pets and sloths 😉 on our FRI-HEY Zooms the past few weeks. If you haven’t been able to join us, mark your calendar for our LAST Fri-HEYYY Zooms, which will be on the last Friday of the school year, May 15. We will not do a Zoom next Friday because it’s “Field Day!”

If you have NOT yet submitted your Give Us Hope virtual choir assignment, this is one due date you don’t want to miss! This assignment is due May 3 for all students. Upload your video on time so you’re not left out!

Check out Harrison High School’s Virtual Choir from last month for inspiration. So cool!!! Press play below, or click here for the full CCSD article.

Anddd finally,

CLICK HERE to sign-up for this Monday’s sight-reading tutoring, in 15-minute slots from 10:30-12:30.


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