Eighth Grade Chorus: Please Read!

Eighth Grade Chorus,

Wow. It’s the last Friday of the school year, and your last Friday as eighth graders. It was soo wonderful seeing all of you on our final Zoom a little while ago.

Take a moment and check out the virtual chorus yearbook here if you haven’t already. You guys have written about some great memories, and I’ve been posting lots of photos and videos from this year, so it’s definitely worth a look!

You can now officially join the Dickerson Chorus Alumni Remind–it’s just for former DMS Chorus students! I send a few messages during the school year about special Dickerson Chorus events or performances. I love seeing alum!

Text: @dmsalumni to the number: 81010

I am still accepting 6th grade chorus letters!!! The letters you’ve dropped off & emailed are awesome, and we need lots more! The hope is for every single 6th grader chorister to have his/her own unique letter to keep.

Make a cool letter/note on your computer, add graphics and colors and cool fonts, and then just email it to me! I’ll print it out in color for next year 🙂 You can email it to me anytime–I just need them before school starts.

Finally, I’ve got GREAT news regarding Eighth Grade Trip refunds. Checks are currently being signed and will be mailed out next week! Thank you so very much for your patience during this crazy time with this. Our travel agent, CCSD, Mr. Hill, and myself worked hard to secure as much returned as possible.

A little bit about the refund specifics… Trip bags, shirt, and hoodie were purchased prior to trip cancellation and have been disseminated to students. We received full refunds from most trip vendors, and majority back minus nonrefundable deposits from a few vendors. Each student/chaperone will receive $479.98, about 70% back!

On a final, more sentimental note…

Eighth Grade Chorus,

Thank you for allowing me to share in this journey with you. It truly has been a pleasure. Music is powerful. The memories we have made together will forever connect us, though our time together as this group has come to an end. Congratulations on finishing middle school, and I wish every single one of you the utmost happiness and success and wonderful things to come. I will miss you very much. Now go forth and be amazing young adults! 

-Ms. Guerra


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