This Week in Chorus…

  1. Fall Concert Reminders went home today! (8-2 yours will go home Tuesday) A digital copy can be found under Resources.
  2. The Walton Chorus Fall Concert is tomorrow, October 26 at Lassiter High School at 7PM. Seating is open; no reservations required. If you attend the concert (make sure you see Ms. G or take a selfie and show her Wednesday) OR watch the live stream at (if you watch the live stream you must write 3 sentences about your 3 favorite parts of the concert and give to Ms. G Wednesday) you will earn THREE HOUSE POINTS! There could be some major House upsets from this… 🙂
  3. Seventh and Eighth Graders: this Friday morning at 8AM is the next All-State Audition prep session. By this time your song should be just about memorized, and you should be using the accompaniment track moreso than the practice track.


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