THANK YOU to everyone who bought or sold items, or who donated to the chorus program last year. It is because of YOU that we can provide so many musical opportunities to our chorus students each year.


Every year, our chorus students raise thousands of dollars that go directly back to providing them the best musical instruction and opportunities possible.


WHO DO I SELL TO? Sell to neighbors, grandparents, coaches, scout leaders, family friends, your parent’s co-workers, and more! 

DONATIONS! When making your “sales pitch,” don’t forget to talk about donations. With donations, 100% goes to the chorus program. This is a fantastic option if you don’t want to sell, or if people you speak with don’t want items but would still like to help!

EXTRA TIDBITS: Don’t forget to collect money from people as you sell! Money goes to your PARENTS, who will write ONE BIG CHECK to Dickerson Middle School on the turn-in day.

2 thoughts on “Fundraiser”

    1. Yes, there was an informational meeting on September 6 before school, but even if a student did not go to the meeting, he/she can still get an info paper from Ms. Guerra. All-State Audition registration form and money are due September 18.


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