ALL GRADES: Parts/Memory Testing Schedule

As of the day this post is written, there are only 14 school days left until the concert!!! In order to make sure every student is prepared and confident, and to ensure we put on a great performance, close to every concert we have what’s called “parts” or “memory” testing on each song that will be performed.

Students will sing in small groups (approx. 12-20 students) a random portion of on of their songs. This is not expected to be perfect or a performance, but rather  a check-in that students know what they’re doing. We want to see that they know their rhythms and pitches, they know the words, and they know when they are singing versus not singing. Each grade will be tested on two songs next week, and their remaining songs the week following. Students were informed about these upcoming parts tests a week and a half ago.

Below you will find the schedule for what songs are being tested when. Students are always encouraged to bring home their folders and any material from class to help them study or prepare for anything. Their folder and music are like textbooks; they are under each student’s care as long as the student is in possession of them, and the student just needs to remember to bring them back for class!

October 27 and 29

7th Grade: Ease on Down the Road; Lights

8th Grade: Light Up the World, Fix You

6th Grade: Fireflies, Zum Gali Gali

November 3 and 4

7th Grade: Something in the Dark, Lightning

8th Grade: Come in from the Firefly Darkness, Can You Hear

6th Grade: One Single Light, Ching a Ring


Solo/Small Group Audition Results (Part 1)

Lights (solo)

Kaye Gresham, Kaitlyn Talsky

Ease on Down the Road (solo)

Sofia Estrella, Sean Hoffner, Alex Solov, Nandita Thayyil

Can You Hear (small group)

Sydney Barrett, Samantha Buyckx, Maddy Dunaway, Ayesha Fazilath, Bri Gabe, Alexa Holdmeyer, Shelby Holihan, Alyssa Keaton, Marta Knapp, Clara Macmeekin, Helen Mills, Sofia Pavento

2016 8th Grade Trip

The 8th grade trip packet was sent home with students today. At the end of April, the 8th graders have been accepted into a Disney workshop where they will work with a recording professional and in a studio record a music video. They will also be exploring the Disney parks and surrounding areas. This is an optional trip. It will not affect grades to go, and students will not miss a performance of music they are preparing in class. They will, however, be utilizing skills learned this year at the workshop. We are very excited for the opportunity!

Click here to go the Disney tab, where information will be posted in the future. The packet is available there for download right now.

Please note that the first deadline is October 29. This is the deadline for the first payment ($150) AND the trip form (which is found on the last page of the packet).

Uniform Payment UPDATE!!!

The uniform payment due date has changed!!! Uniforms will now be due Friday, October 16. Remember they are $65 for ladies, $50 for gentlemen.

We apologize for the change in due date. Due to the kind of uniforms we are ordering, in order for us to ensure we have them by the concert, the order needs to be in sooner than originally anticipated. If this presents an issue for anyone, please let us know as soon as possible.


Chorus Uniforms

Today all 7th Grade students received a letter about uniforms. As they are advanced members of the Dickerson Chorus program now, they will be performing in more capacities, and need more professional attire to accommodate that. Fittings will be this Tuesday-Thursday for all 7th Grade students AND any 8th graders who were not in chorus at Dickerson last year.

Payment is due October 28. Please make checks out to Dickerson Middle School.

Click here to go to the Uniforms tab and view/download the letter.

Sixth graders will be receiving a letter about their uniforms within the next week.

Congratulations Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus Selectees!

After two full mornings of exceptional auditions, Ms. Jones and I had the difficult task of choosing only five participants for the 2016 Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus. Thank you to everyone who auditioned (and made our decision so difficult!). We are so proud of you all for completing a solo vocal audition so soon into your choral career here at Dickerson, and look forward to hearing you continue to audition for other ensembles and solos. Congratulations to the following Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus participants. The link here (also available in the above menu under Events) will take you to the Statewide page, where other details and information will be posted in the future.


Viola Braswell

Austin Downey

Elias Lind

Hannah Ograbisz

Ranya Ramdaspally


Tomorrow is the deadline for the chorus fundraiser. Make sure you’ve doubled-checked your calculations, collected your money, and only turn in ONE check TOTAL.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Two emails were sent out today to parents on the volunteer list (if you checked on the online survey at the beginning of the year that you were interested in volunteering) regarding processing fundraiser packets (this Thursday and Friday) and 7th grade uniform fittings (next Tuesday through Thursday). Let me know if you did not receive the email but would like to volunteer.

DISTRICT HONOR CHORUS: This Friday is the first morning rehearsal for Honor Chorus. It is “optional” (mandatory-optional), because I cannot force you to attend, but it’s extremely encouraged that you make it to at least the first few rehearsals so you can get a bearing with songs and how/what to rehearse.

ALL-STATE AUDITION PREP: Sign-ups are in the chorus room for students to work individually on getting ready for their auditions. While multiple students may attend at the same time, there are certain things that should be practiced individually, like the song, sight-reading, and the listening skills. If multiple students attend, they may quiz each other on terms and we can practice the 3 scales as a group, but then they will need to wait while Ms. Guerra or Ms. Jones works with each student alone on the other parts of the audition.