Spring Concert Theme Voting Closed

Thank you to everyone who contributed great ideas for concert themes. Whatever it ends up being, it’s going to be a blast! Please read everything below–it’s important!!!

You only have one vote, so make it count. As you consider where to place your vote out of the many (all great) options, think about what you would enjoy not just singing in a chorus setting, but having an entire concert about (that’s 8-10 songs). The theme you pick might not necessarily be your favorite thing, but it may be what you think would be most enjoyable to have a whole concert centered around.

If you do not see your concert theme option, one of two things happened:

  1. After research was done, it was discovered that there are not enough choral arrangements/songs to fit that theme for any entire concert of 4 different performing ensembles, each singing 1-2 songs at least.
  2. Your theme could fit into under another theme, and it would allow more variety in the theme.

Please do not ask to add more themes and vote again. These are the options. We have to get voting finished so music can be picked, bought if needed, and ready to begin learning as soon as possible!


Ready for LGPE?…

Happy Leap Day!


ALL Disney money and t-shirt contest applications are due!!!


ALL SEVENTH GRADE STUDENTS, EIGHTH GRADE STUDENTS, and CHAMBER SINGERS performing at LGPE will stay after school, rehearse, and put on a preview concert at 7PM, to be done by 7:30PM. A reminder that this is a grade, as is the actual LGPE event. If you need to see the schedule again, please refer to the previous post entitled “Permission Slip Due Dates and Meetings” for the document that was sent home.


Monday is LGPE for 8th grade and Chamber Singers, and Tuesday is LGPE for 7th grade. Again, please see one of the previous posts for the schedule. Remember that students will be leaving school mid-day and returning by bus in the evening.


Sixth grade has been preparing in class as if they were attending LGPE as well, with the genres of music they are currently working on, as well as how much we have been focusing on sight-reading. We will have a “mock” LGPE performance on Friday, March 11 in the theatre, where the Sixth Grade Chorus will sing in front of some of the other sixth graders. While not the same as attending the real LGPE, it will still give them an idea of what it will be like next year, and it will give their peers a chance to hear how awesome they sound! Parents are welcome to attend if they would like, though please realize it is only 2 songs (these songs will not be sung again at the spring concert). The performance will be at 10:30 AM.  All sixth graders should wear their Dickerson Chorus shirt and nice jeans on that day.

Before Break Begins…


All choirs will have their memory/parts testing for their 2 LGPE songs the week we return from break. Students were highly encouraged to bring home those songs to look at even just a few times over the break. If you’ve been getting away with not really knowing your words or notes up to this point, that won’t work when we get into small groups for testing!!!

CHAMBER SINGERS: Ms. Jones and I spent lots of time recording and uploading and preparing audio rehearsal tracks for each of your 2 LGPE songs, because we don’t get to rehearse nearly as often as regular classes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use them!!!! We told you to bring your music home today, but even if you didn’t, listen to your part’s tracks just a few times anyways! Think of it as memory practice. To find the tracks, hover over the above Media tab and click Youtube, or just click here. You will see the tracks embedded. If you want your part sent to you as an MP3 that you can download, just shoot me an email.

Eighth Graders Only…

Thank you to all 8th grade students and parents who came out last night to hear some excellent Walton a cappella singing, listen to Dr. Williams and Ms. Taylor talk about chorus at Walton, and to get final details about the upcoming 8th grade chorus trip to Disney!

Please check the 8th Grade Trip tab if you missed the meeting last night and need the Final Trip packet. Make sure you read all details on that page, and keep track of the payment schedule. Contact us if you want to know your current remaining balance.


Permission Slip Due Dates and Meetings

A few very important reminders…



  • LGPE permission slips for 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Chamber Singers (and $5 pizza money for Pre-LGPE Concert if you’re doing that) Click below to find the information paper sent home for your LGPE group:

LGPE Chamber Singers/8th Grade

LGPE 7th Grade

  • Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus medical forms and permission slips


ALL 8th Grade students–Welcome to Walton and Disney Meeting @ 6:30PM

All 8th graders are encouraged to attend the first 20+ minutes of this meeting, where Dr. Williams and Ms. Taylor, the choral directors at Walton, will be present to answer questions about chorus and music and the choral program at Walton. Even if you have a friend not currently in chorus, or someone who used to be but is not this year, if they are interested in chorus at Walton, they are welcome to attend!

A little before 7PM, we will transition to handing out form for the upcoming 8th Grade Disney trip. We will hand out all necessary medical forms, a packing list, and be available to answer questions.

Gradebooks FYI

Just a reminder that if you receive an unsatisfactory grade, almost all assignments can be re-taken, or a similar assignment can be completed for credit. There are deadlines for these assignments though, so please be aware and get any make-ups in on time. For the classes who completed the Bass Clef and Treble Clef assignments, remember that any make-up work must be turned in by the end of the day tomorrow!

As always, students are more than welcome to come in before school for extra help. They just need to ask in person or email at least one day prior to make sure Ms. Guerra or Ms. Jones is available.

Welcome Back! Lots of Important Info…

We hope you all had a wonderful and restful break, and are ready for  all the exciting events that will be taking place in the second half of the year! There is information for everyone below, so make sure you scan and read what applies to you.

Special Announcement

As many of you already know, we are extremely excited to announce that the Dickerson chorus program will be having a combined choirs spring concert at the beautiful Lassiter Concert Hall, just 15 minutes away from Dickerson Middle. It will feature many different genres of music, small group songs, instruments, movement, even a few songs performed by the entire choral department. This is going to be an amazing concert, and we hope you are as excited about it as we are! Mark your calendars now for May 17, 2016 @ 7PM, at LASSITER CONCERT HALL. More details will follow about call times and volunteering opportunities.

Eighth Grade “Welcome to Walton” AND Disney Meeting Thursday, Feb. 4 @ 6:30PM

Eighth grade students and parents, you have a lot to look forward to in the coming months, including preparing for your transition to high school, and your eighth grade chorus trip! We will be having a very important meeting in the Dickerson theatre to discuss BOTH moving to high school (from the music/choral side) as well as handing out all the required medical and permission forms for Disney. Even if you are not sure about being involved in chorus in high school, or not sure if you will be going to Walton, we will have representatives and choral directors from Walton who will perform and answer questions about scheduling, trips, ensembles, and auditions. If you are not going to Disney, you can come from 6:30-50, and leave after the Walton/high school chorus talk. Disney trip folk, PLEASE make every effort to attend. We will be going over all details and specifics about turning forms in, what to pack, etc. This will be from approximately  6:50-7:20. All eighth grade chorus students and families, plan to attend!

***If you are a notary, we would LOVE your assistance with notarizing one of the Disney forms at the meeting. You do not need to be the parent of an eighth grader, or an eighth grader going on the Disney trip. Email us if you are available!***

Sixth Grade Statewide Chorus

Statewide students and parents, make sure you have made arrangements for your hotel and transportation to Athens. The Fifth Grade State Honor Chorus this year happens to be the same weekend, which means hotels will be filling up that much faster! Please be on the lookout for an email going out later today with electronic copies of the papers you received before holiday break. ALSO, make sure you are practicing!!! I’ve already been asked questions about your music, which makes me happy because it means you’ve been practicing! As was stated in the packet you received, TOMORROW MORNING will be our first check-in rehearsal. We will go over every song, as well as pronunciation for the foreign languages. Make sure you’re there!

Chamber Singers Spring Auditions

Tomorrow morning is the last day of spring auditions for Chamber Singers. This semester Chamber Singers will be performing at LGPE, and there are a few other performances planned, so don’t miss the opportunity to audition for Dickerson’s premier advanced chorus! Audition results will be posted Friday afternoon. New and old Chamber Singers have rehearsal next Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 8:10.


There will be a pre-LGPE concert the week before LGPE (which is March 7-8). It will be Thursday, March 3 in the Dickerson theatre at 7PM, and for seventh and eighth grade choirs this concert is a grade, as is the LGPE performance. Regular procedures for missed performances apply, as stated in the chorus handbook (click here for the handbook). If you are not familiar with LGPE, think of it almost like Milestones but for performing ensembles. At these events groups perform at varying levels of difficulty and are judged based on their singing and sight-reading performance. That is why we have a pre-LGPE concert–LGPE is a big deal, and we want to be as prepared and comfortable as possible before the actual day arrives. Soon to come are details about LGPE–which day and time your ensemble will be performing. All the choruses in the county are waiting for this information right now, and I will be sure to send home details and permission forms as soon as I get them!