Chamber Singers Results

Congratulations to the following students! If you did not make it this time, don’t be discouraged. We will have auditions for the second half of the year in January!

Chamber Singers: We will have our first, MANDATORY meeting this Friday at 8:15 AM.

Sydney Barrett

Jordan Brennan

Tyler Cartharon

Evan Crowell

Karl Cuthrell

Olivia Cuthrell

Maddy Dunaway

Madeline Dunning

Bri Gabe

Emily McNiece

Sidney Nabinger

Isabella Orndorff

Gabriela Pellegrini

Ranya Ramdaspally

Jonathon Wong



Remember that fall concerts are on Tuesday, each grade at a different time. As you get ready, make sure you have the appropriate uniform attire–including shoes–and it all fits well!

Please see the “Fall Choral Concerts” post below for the call times and concert times.


An important letter from Dr. Brink was sent home with 8th grade students today regarding the Disney trip. This letter was also sent electronically to the email provided on the Commitment Form if students turned one in. Please find a copy of the letter here.

All Classes: PLEASE READ

Fundraiser Delivery!!!

Please consider helping in our fundraiser delivery, even if you did not sell anything. We need all hands on deck. All students grades 6-8 benefit from this fundraiser. Any student who sold items must pick them up on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3 from 4:45-6:45PM. Thank you for your help!


*We will take high school helpers! If you have an older sibling who needs/wants service hours, have them sign up. Bonus points if they are a former Dickerson musician, as they already know how it’s done 🙂 Thank you!

IMPORTANT Fall Chorus Concert Reminders!

(This information will be given in paper form to students tomorrow.)


Uniforms                                                                                                                                6th GRADE: Make sure you’ve turned in your $10 t-shirt money. Your uniform for this year consists of that shirt, nice blue jeans, and nice black shoes (think the kind of shoes you will want to wear when you have dresses/tuxes next year).

7th GRADE: Try on your entire uniform and make sure it all fits! Girls may need dresses hemmed, and guys may need pants hemmed. Whatever you do, please do not cut the fabric! This will make it easier for you to sell to a younger student at the end of 8th grade if you want. Also make sure you have your black dress shoes.

8th GRADE: Find your uniforms! It’s been a few months since you last used them. Dust them off, maybe clean them, and make sure they are concert-ready. Also make sure you have your black dress shoes.

ALL: A reminder that hair should be out of the face. Small earrings and bracelets are allowed—nothing blingy. No necklaces or headbands.

Concert Day!

Concerts are in the Dickerson Theatre. All our concerts are free to the public. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students must come through the front door to the chorus room at their call time.

6th Grade Concert: Student call time—5:30PM; Concert—6:00PM

7th Grade Concert: Student call time—6:40PM; Concert—7:00PM

8th Grade Concert: Student call time—7:40PM; Concert—8:00PM

ALL GRADES: Parts/Memory Testing Schedule

As of the day this post is written, there are only 14 school days left until the concert!!! In order to make sure every student is prepared and confident, and to ensure we put on a great performance, close to every concert we have what’s called “parts” or “memory” testing on each song that will be performed.

Students will sing in small groups (approx. 12-20 students) a random portion of on of their songs. This is not expected to be perfect or a performance, but rather  a check-in that students know what they’re doing. We want to see that they know their rhythms and pitches, they know the words, and they know when they are singing versus not singing. Each grade will be tested on two songs next week, and their remaining songs the week following. Students were informed about these upcoming parts tests a week and a half ago.

Below you will find the schedule for what songs are being tested when. Students are always encouraged to bring home their folders and any material from class to help them study or prepare for anything. Their folder and music are like textbooks; they are under each student’s care as long as the student is in possession of them, and the student just needs to remember to bring them back for class!

October 27 and 29

7th Grade: Ease on Down the Road; Lights

8th Grade: Light Up the World, Fix You

6th Grade: Fireflies, Zum Gali Gali

November 3 and 4

7th Grade: Something in the Dark, Lightning

8th Grade: Come in from the Firefly Darkness, Can You Hear

6th Grade: One Single Light, Ching a Ring

Solo/Small Group Audition Results (Part 1)

Lights (solo)

Kaye Gresham, Kaitlyn Talsky

Ease on Down the Road (solo)

Sofia Estrella, Sean Hoffner, Alex Solov, Nandita Thayyil

Can You Hear (small group)

Sydney Barrett, Samantha Buyckx, Maddy Dunaway, Ayesha Fazilath, Bri Gabe, Alexa Holdmeyer, Shelby Holihan, Alyssa Keaton, Marta Knapp, Clara Macmeekin, Helen Mills, Sofia Pavento