Sixth Grade Winter Performance RE-SCHEDULED

We have been given the official word that the 6th grade winter performance will now be TOMORROW at 2:50PM in the DMS theatre. This performance, like our concerts, is open to the public (please sign into the front office first). We encourage you to attend–the students have worked hard and deserve a great audience, “heedless of the wind and weather!” 🙂


December Performances!

Tis the season! All three grades have concerts and various performances over the next few days to look forward too. Below you will find all the details you need.


FRIDAY, 12/1: Seventh & Eighth Grade Carol at The Avenue

  • students stay after school and get picked up from The Avenue at 6:15PM in front of Michaels
  • crazy holiday attire is encouraged 🙂


TUESDAY, 12/5: Seventh & Eighth Grade Winter Wonderland Concert

  • Dickerson theatre @ 6:30PM
  • Students wear formal attire with one optional holiday accessory


FRIDAY, 12/8: Sixth Grade Caroling Concert at Sterling Estates

  • field trip DURING the school day–all students must turn in green permission slip
  • leave DMS at 2:30, return at 3:45PM
  • crazy holiday attire is encouraged, OR blue Dickerson Chorus shirt


SATURDAY, 12/9: Walton Chorus Winter Concerts

  • due to the size of Walton Chorus, they had to schedule TWO winter concerts and attendees had to reserve tickets–tickets are sold out!! BUT you are welcome to go and ask for “standing room availability” when you arrive, and they will place you in any empty seats
  • Lassiter Concert Hall @ 2PM and 4PM


KEEP ON YOUR RADAR…Eighth graders going on the spring trip, your SECOND PAYMENT is due December 13 🙂


7th and 8th Grade Caroling @ The Avenue

We are returning to sing at The Avenue during the holiday season!

 WHO: 7th and 8th Grade Chorus students

WHAT: Winter Caroling Gig

WHEN: Friday, December 1 @ 5:15/30PM

  • 4:20ish – Students stay at Dickerson after school; head to the chorus room when car riders/walkers are dismissed; practice a few songs in groups with group leaders
  • 5:15 PM – Leave Dickerson on bus
  • 5:30 PM – Arrive at The Avenue
  • 5:30-6:15 PM – ♫ Sing! ♫
  • 6:15 PM – Parents pick students up from The Avenue (we are not returning to Dickerson)

WHERE: The Avenue—East Cobb (4475 Roswell Rd)

WEAR: Dickerson Chorus attire and/or crazy holiday attire (hats, scarves, ugly Christmas or Hanukah sweaters, holiday colors, etc)

COST: nothing!

In order to participate, students must turn in the purple permission form they received in class by Friday, November 17.

Fall Concerts Solos

Sixth Grade Concert


Verse 1: Savannah Madsen

Verse 2: Quinn Keskonis

Verse 3: Varsha Srinivasan

Verse 4: Kaitlyn Solet



Seventh & Eighth Grade Concert

In Flanders Field

Margo Wilson


I’m Goin’ There

First Solo: Ana Mocklar

Second Solo: Alex Criss



Verse 1: Destini Haith

Verse 2: Gabriela Pellegrini

Verse 3: Hannah Ograbisz

Verse 4: Kaitlyn Salandy

Ukuthula Text

Ukuthula kulomhlababa wezono igazi lika Jesu linyenyez ukuthula. (Peace in this world of trouble.)


7th and 8th Grade ONLY:

VERSE TWO: Induduzo kulomhlababa wezono igazi lika Jesu linyenyez induduzo. (Comfort in this world of trouble.)

VERSE THREE: Ukungoba kulomhlababa wezono igazi lika Jesu linyenyez ukungoba. (Victory in this world of trouble.)



Verse One: Hands up, palms up (MF-medium loud)

Verse Two: Feet step-touch to the RIGHT first, hands opposite heart (P-soft)

Verse Three: Feet continue step-touch, right hand up in air, palm facing inward (F-loud)

Verse Four: nothing (MF with cresc. and descrec. at end-medium loud getting louder then fading at the end)