Welcome Back!

This is going to be a fantastic year of music-making! A few important things…

  1. The 2018-2019 Choral Handbook is available under Documents –> Handbook. We went over it in class today; please let me know if you would like a hard copy.
  2. The Handbook Contract is due Friday, 8/3 for 7th and 8th grade.
  3. A calendar overview went home on blue paper today–please make note of the winter concert, LGPE, and spring concert dates–those are graded performances!
  4. Two NEW BIG events were left off the calendar: “Guy’s Week” August 21-23 at DMS 4:30-5:30, and “Girl’s Week” August 27-28 at DMS 4:30-6. More information is forthcoming.
  5. Sign up for Remind texts for your grade ensemble by going to Documents –> Remind 101.  You do not need to re-sign if you signed up last year.
  6. Sign up for Volunteering Remind texts by going to Documents –> Remind 101. You DO need to sign up again even if you signed up last year.
  7. Students are expected to have theory books, pencil, and notebook or loose-leaf paper. Theory books will be checked for a grade on Monday, August 13 for all grades.

Upcoming Spring Concert!

Concert Reminder/Info papers went home today with calltimes and attire. We are looking for 1-2 parents per grade to supervise the rooms each of the choruses will be in. You will get 2 reserved seats; please email dickersonchorus@gmail.com if interested. First come, first serve.
Click here for the Concert Reminder paper.

Eighth Grade Chorus Trip Next Week!

A few final reminders:

  • bring a case of water
  • luggage drop off is in the theatre Thursday morning 8-9AM
  • students come to chorus room at 11AM with backpacks
  • students will eat lunch–bag lunch or school lunch–in the chorus room
  • dinner Thursday and lunch Sunday are NOW PROVIDED. So, a student could hypothetically bring $0 on the trip and be completely good to go. FYI.
  • get excited!!!!

Here is the packing list once again:

  • ONE labeled luggage that can fit under bus or in top compartment
  • MUST bring concert attire (dress/shirt/pants/cummerbund/bowtie, black dress shoes)–in a labeled bag/garment bag
  • MUST bring 2 DMS Chorus Trip shirts (will receive in class next week)
  • MUST bring a case of water, to be stored under the bus
  • Shirts for the non-chorus-shirt days
  • Comfortable pants (would bring 1 pair of shorts/capris and 1 pair of long pants)
  • Jacket or hoodie for bus/hotel/colder weather
  • Good walking shoes
  • Socks (hotels can be cold!)
  • PJs
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Small bag or badge-holder for bus and/or to carry around park (waterproof is preferable)
  • Spending money for souvenirs
  • Any school make-up work you want to complete on the bus
  • G or PG movies to watch on the bus
  • If you plan on bringing a selfie stick…be aware those are strictly prohibited on rides at Busch Gardens

Remember that on all school-related trips you must follow dress code!

Large Group Performance Evaluation COMING UP!

Today in class all seventh and eighth grade students received a 2-page document regarding our upcoming LGPE performance.

The first page needs to be completely entirely and turned back in–I would recommend before break.

The second page contains the schedule, as well as an explanation of what LGPE is. This is a big event for all music students of all levels and areas, and Dickerson Chorus takes pride in continually earning Superior ratings from year to year. We look forward to continuing that excellence with the current seventh and eighth graders!

ALL GRADES (including 6th) will take part in a mock LGPE performance during their respective class periods on Thursday, March 1. Students do not need to wear concert attire for the March 1 performances.





A Message From Dr. Brink

January 31, 2018

Dear Dickerson Parents:

One of our shared goals at Dickerson Middle School is to promote excellent character choices and sound safety practices with our students/children both in and out of school. Recently, several incidences have been brought to my attention that raise great apprehension for your child’s continued safety.   It is unfortunate that as your child’s principal I must write a letter that asks for all drivers to enter our parking lot in the safest manner possible.   Drivers are driving too fast, not pulling up to the end of the sidewalk to enable as many drop offs as possible, driving through the parking lot to avoid the carpool line thus having students cross the drive, not allowing staff members to cross safely to enter the building, and dropping off students on Woodlawn and at exits on Chestnut Lake Drive to avoid the carpool line.

This may be a good time to reflect upon morning routines so that if students want to participate in before school activities, time is put into morning rituals to ensure enough travel time to drop your child off safely at the school.   Please do not put your child at risk by failing to provide the proper time in your plans to drop him or her off at the appropriate front entrance and adhering to sound and safe driving habits.  As a reminder, students may not be dropped off before 8:00 A.M. If they do arrive or leave the school during any time of the day, this must be done at the front entrance. I will not compromise on our students’ safety.   Please remember that the official start time for middle school is 8:45 A.M. The 8:00 instrumental practices, extra study sessions, clubs and so forth are not a part of the normal school day and I sincerely appreciate all staff members who donate their personal time to provide these for our students.

Again, I appreciate all the calls and emails I have received. I appreciate you allowing me to share my concerns as these are safety issues I simply cannot ignore. Let’s work together to share the road, the carpool line and model safe carpool driving habits for students who will be driving themselves in the near future.


Dr. Carole Brink

Deadlines and Upcoming Events


  • Garment Bag Money ($5) due for all students with formal uniforms
  • Eighth Grade Final Trip Payment due
  • Eighth Grade Trip Online Registration due (see trip page for copy of directions)


  • Eighth Grade Final Trip Meeting at 6PM in Dickerson Theatre (highly encouraged—one representative from each family)


  • Fifth Grade Visit: Select 6th Grade Chorus Students will perform during both Connections classes for visiting 5th graders (students will know THIS week if they are performing; students should wear blue Dickerson Chorus shirt)



Garment Bags & Greater Atlanta Girls’ Choir Auditions

We are offering blue Dickerson Chorus garment bags for purchase!

Buy yours for just $5!

–Keep your formal attire clean and have everything zipped up together!–

Highly recommended for current or future 8th grade chorus students.

Payment due JANUARY 31.



The Greater Atlanta Girls’ Choir is starting a NEW satellite location in Cobb County!

This is a renowned ensemble open to girls grades 3-12. This is an excellent way to push yourself musically while having lots of fun and working at a much more advanced pace, with many travel performing opportunities. Click here for the flyer and more information. 

There will be an informational meeting on TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, and auditions are the following week.