Welcome Back!

What a great first two days back for the 2019-2020 year!
Today students went over the choral handbook and calendar. Unlike previous years, the calendar, the handbook, and the handbook contract WILL NOT be going home in paper form.
Click the HANDBOOK tab above to view the choral handbook which includes the calendar for the year, grading, and expectations.
Once you have gone through the handbook, you may click the HANDBOOK CONTRACT link which will take you to your online handbook contract for 2019-2020 (this should be completed for each child in Dickerson Chorus).

Every Dickerson Chorus student must submit the handbook contract and have a parent sign in their agenda to confirm.


Tomorrow’s Spring Concert

Good evening! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about tomorrow’s performance. In case you aren’t already aware, with the weather forecast for the Eighth Grade Field Day on Friday, it has been rescheduled to tomorrow. This means I will not see any classes until calltime tomorrow evening, so a few final reminders…

  1. Calltime means be there FIVE MINUTES EARLY! We need every minute!
  2. Be dressed in your concert attire when you arrive. Make sure you’ve eaten prior.
  3. PLEASE be respectful of the facilities–pick up after yourselves, help your classmates do the same.
  4. Each ensemble has 2-4 parents overseeing starting when you leave your stage calltime with me and through to the end of the concert. They will take you to the Choir Rehearsal room to drop off your things and ALL PHONES, then back up to the sanctuary to sit in your spots until concert time. Listen to the adults and show them the utmost respect.
  5.  Always display excellent stage, audience, and transition etiquette. Let your demeanor be as fantastic as how you all sound.
  6. Have fun!!!!!!


Spring Concert Next Week!

We are exactly ONE week away from our annual choral department spring concert! Below you will find all pertaining details. 


When: MAY 2 AT 7PM  


Calltime (meaning you arrive 5 minutes prior to BE at your spot at the given time):

4:45-5:45PM – Show Choir on stage/tech run (see Show Choir page for additional details)

5:45PM– Eighth Grade on stage

6:05PM – Seventh Grade on stage

6:20PM – Sixth Grade on stage

6:40PM – All students in seats; Doors open to public




6TH GRADE: “Lion King” style (animal print, earthy colors-brown, tan, black)

7TH GRADE: 50’s style (black leather, all black, black and pink, poodle skirts, cuffed    black or white t-shirts and cuffed jeans, Converse shoes…)

8TH GRADE: GREEN! Green and pink, just pink, just green…

SHOW CHOIR: Show Choir shirt, black full-length pants (not jeans), black shoes


Parent Volunteers:

Especially given that we are in a new venue, we need help from approximately two parents per grade to be with their child’s grade/ensemble  starting at their calltime and to sit with them during the concert. Please email Ms. Guerra at dickersonchorus@gmail.com. Volunteers can reserve seats for the rest of their family/friends, chosen at arrival.


Parts Checks Friday AND Rap Lyrics

Parts Checks in every class on Friday! Remember, this is not a memorization check, this is pitches, rhythms, phrasing (where to breath/not breath), and any expressive/stylistic markings we’ve rehearsed in class.
  • Lion Sleeps: pg 1-5
  • Just Can’t Wait: pg 1-6
  • Summer Nights ALL
  • For Good first refrain only–mm18-28


Interested in auditioning for one of the Empire State of Mind rap sections? Click here for the lyrics so you can practice and memorize on your own. Auditions must be memorized!

Dickerson Chorus Takes on NYC!

DMS Chorus Eighth Graders: the time has come! New York is in just a few days. Below please find a few reminders to help in your final stages of packing.

  • Eat dinner before you arrive to DMS Wednesday evening, and come in comfy appropriate clothes for the evening drive
  • Plan to keep what you need for Thursday morning to “freshen up” (toiletries, your RED shirt, pants, good warm shoes) with you in the TOP portion of the bus. You will not be able to get to your main luggage under the bus Thursday morning.
  • Look at the forecast and the packing list and plan accordingly! Springtime up north is chilly!!!
  • Get excited! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions. The final trip packet sent home a few weeks ago has the information you need in much more detail.