Friday Update

Hey, Dickerson Chorus!

It has warmed my heart seeing your faces, chatting about life, and doing show&tell with pets and sloths ūüėČ on our FRI-HEY Zooms the past few weeks. If you haven’t been able to join us, mark your calendar for our LAST Fri-HEYYY Zooms, which will be on the last Friday of the school year, May 15.¬†We will not do a Zoom next Friday because it’s “Field Day!”

If you have NOT yet submitted your¬†Give Us Hope virtual choir assignment, this is one due date you don’t want to miss! This assignment is due May 3 for all students. Upload your video on time so you’re not left out!

Check out Harrison High School’s Virtual Choir from last month for inspiration. So cool!!! Press play below, or click here for the full CCSD article.

Anddd finally,

CLICK HERE to sign-up¬†for this Monday’s sight-reading tutoring, in 15-minute slots from 10:30-12:30.


Fri-HEY Zooms & Sight-Reading Tutoring

See below for this week’s Fri-HEY Social Zooms!


Sixth Grade Chorus

Friday, May 1 @ 11:00AM

Click here for 6th Grade Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 738 6229 2970

Password: dmssings

Seventh Grade Chorus

Friday, May 1 @ 12:00PM

Click here for 7th Grade Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 791 0216 1687

Password: dmssings

Eighth Grade Chorus

Friday, May 1 @ 1:00PM

Click here for 8th Grade Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 712 6376 2390

Password: dmssings

Next Sight-Reading Tutoring: Monday, May 4 


Click here to sign up for a 15-minute tutoring slot.

Update on Grading/Assignments

Hey there, Dickerson Chorus! A quick update on grading…


All assignments in the grade book are current as of today. I have not yet entered in last week’s assignments (that will be done this week), but everything else that will be assessed from digital learning so far is in there!

  • What if I have a blank?¬† ¬† You can still do the assignment! Complete it and let me know if you don’t see your grade updated within a few days.
  • What if I¬†have an¬†N/A on a SightReadingFactory assignment? ¬† ¬†You can try the assignment again! Email me what example you’d like re-set, and you can do it again.
  • What if I’m struggling with SightReadingFactory or have questions about how to do¬†something?¬† ¬† Sign up for sight-reading tutoring–Mondays in 15-minute slots.
  • What if I think¬†something is incorrect in the¬†grade book? ¬† ¬†Email me and we will figure it out!

Sight-Reading Tutoring Sessions

Happy Friday, Dickerson Chorus!

Next week I will begin hosting 15-minute sight-reading tutoring sessions to give further assistance as you develop your sight-reading skills on SightReadingFactory. This tutoring will be personalized to your needs and the areas you want to work on–whether rhythm examples, singing examples, or both.

If you’ve received “N/A” comments, if you’re not happy with your SRF (SightReadingFactory) scores, or if you just want some guided practice to make sure you’re on the right track, this is your opportunity. Whatever level you’re at, everyone can improve! The goal is A’s and high B’s every time you sight-read by the end of the year!

Click here to sign up for a time slot. This week’s tutoring will be MONDAY, APRIL 20, every 15 minutes from 12:00-2:00PM. You must enter an email address when you sign up; that is where I will email the Zoom meeting link.

*If you want tutoring help but cannot meet during any of those times, email me and we will set up another time*


Hey there, Dickerson Chorus!

Feeling a bit bored?

Looking for a new activity?

Wanna have some fun competing against your chorus classmates?

This week we’re starting Chorus Bingo! It’s a fun little game for all Dickerson Chorus students.¬†Every week will be a different Bingo card. YOUR task is to complete as MUCH of the board as possible! Double BINGO, triple BINGO, how many squares can you complete? I will post the top “scorers” in each grade as well as the top “scorers” out of everyone weekly with a new post right here on the chorus website. Your “score” is the number of boxes you completed for the week.

Have fun, and good luck!


Click here to download ROUND ONE of CHORUS BINGO.


The Chorus Bingo Flipgrid code is: chorusbingo

Chorus Eighth Grade Trip Update

As you know, the school district has canceled all field trips. Understandably, we’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding refunds. At this point, we are unable to guarantee anything because the payments were all made to travel companies or vendors.

We have reached out to our travel companies or vendors and they are doing everything they can to secure refunds. This process could take some time (6-8 weeks), and the travel company/vendors says that they cannot guarantee anything at this point.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope that you’ll bear with us as we are all dealing with these extraordinary events.

Chorus Virtual Learning & Trip Update

Virtual Learning

Dickerson Chorus families:

Chorus virtual learning will take place beginning Monday, March 16. To access, hover on the new Virtual Learning tab, and click your grade level. The password was given in class Friday, and will be sent via email on Sunday. There will be daily digital instruction based on the national music standards used in the normal classroom setting. Ms. Guerra will be available via email during normal school hours. We are in this together!

Eighth Grade Trip Update

8th Grade Trip Families: We are still planning on attending the 8th grade trip until we are told otherwise by the district. The following information is from the Cobb County School District pertaining to travel:

Student Travel:  Currently, travel scheduled within the US or for areas not identified as high risk will proceed as planned. We have communicated with all travel companies utilized by the district to ensure they follow the same CDC and/or DPH recommendations.

At this time, there are no trip refunds as stated in the trip handbook if you should elect to remove your child from the trip.

Dickerson 40th Anniversary Performances

Welcome to March! This week Show Choir and a portion of the Eighth Grade Chorus will perform during Dickerson’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday. There will be teachers, administrators, and staff from all 40 years of Dickerson’s existence in attendance, so this is a very special performance! Let’s WOW them!

Also on Thursday is the deadline for LGPE permission slips for all 7th and 8th grade chorus students. This is a mandatory, graded event, as stated in the choral handbook. 



  • calltime: 6PM, pick-up 7PM
  • attire: gold tops & bowties, black pants, black button-down shirts, black vests, black “dancing” shoes
  • girls: make sure undergarments are skin-colored or clear!



  • calltime: 6PM, pick-up 7PM
  • attire: formal chorus uniforms

Next Week in Chorus…

Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s already almost February, but January was busy and there’s many more exciting things ¬†to come!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3: Final Eighth Grade Washington, DC Trip Payment Due (now $200 instead of $250)

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4: Rising Sixth Grade Visit and Parent Meeting

  • During the day, select sixth grade chorus students will sing some fun loop songs for the visiting 5th graders, while the rest of the sixth grade chorus will have student-led classes singing warm-ups, silly songs, and doing physical exercises we’ve learned throughout the year as fifth graders walk through the chorus room. All students are encouraged to wear Dickerson Chorus spiritwear; loop song performers are required to wear blue Dickerson Chorus shirt (not hoodie) and blue jeans.
  • In the evening, a small sampling of our talented eighth graders will sing the Pentatonix arrangement of White Winter Hymnal,¬† complete with all the awesome body percussion, for the fifth grade parents during Rising Sixth Grade Night. Students must wear blue Dickerson Chorus shirt (not hoodie) and blue jeans.¬†Calltime for students is at 6:30PM in the chorus room – they can enter via the music doors. We will perform at 7:05PM and pick-up is 7:15. ¬†Parking will be extremely limited so parents are encouraged to drop students off, go grab a¬†quick Starbucks or run and¬†errand, and then head back over ūüôā