Dresses & Tuxes

August 25  in class chorus uniform  information was given out on yellow papers. We are so excited for chorus performances once again, and will be proceeding with concert attire for all grades, including formal attire for seventh and eighth graders! The national and state standards for music require performances in concert settings, including performances at adjudicated events, where presentation is a required component. It is expected that Dickerson choirs not only sing exceptionally, but also look exceptional.

In this unique year, we ask the giant favor that you size your child at home according to the measurement chart attached to the info form, and return the form to Ms. Guerra by the payment deadline of September 8. If you are not able to size at home, please contact Ms. Guerra to schedule a time to come in next week before school.

Regarding dresses, we are now using the same dresses used by Walton Chorus (see photos below). There are many former Walton Chorus students looking to sell their dresses secondhand, and many in great condition available in places like Goodwill East Cobb and Facebook Marketplace. If you acquire your dress elsewhere and will not be purchasing from Dickerson, send Ms. Guerra an email by 9/8 confirming that you do not need a dress, so that alert can be taken off your MyPaymentsPlus account. Click here for the Dress Uniform Letter & Measurement Form. 

Regarding tuxes, if you are a Dickerson Orchestra doubler, you can purchase either the chorus or orchestra uniform, but if you purchase the orchestra uniform, you will still need to buy the chorus tie. Please see photo below for the tux uniform, but note that the tie will be the same shade of blue as the dress, not red. Click here for the Tux Uniform Letter & Measurement Form.

Payments are accepted online only on mypayments.plus.com.


1) payment online AND measurement form turned into Ms. Guerra


2) email from a parent that you have acquired the uniform secondhand/elsewhere and do not need to purchase one from the school

Thank you for your continued support!



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