Seventh Grade Chorus: April 27-May 1

Monday, April 27

Happy Monday! We have an exciting assignment planned for this week! Remember the virtual choirs you’ve watched on our YOUTUBEsday? We are going to create a special Dickerson virtual choir performance of Give Us Hope!

This process will take a couple steps. TODAY, your task is to make sure Give Us Hope is ready to record! All pitches, rhythms, and text, should be practiced with excellent choral tone, vowels, and constants  –  video AND audio will be recorded, don’t forget!


  • When you record later this week, you will sing with headphones in playing your part’s practice track, so your recording device (most likely a phone) will only record your a cappella voice. I recommend practicing like this today!
  • Warm yourself up with today’s TAKE 5 WITH GPS below.
  • Practice Give Us Hope for 10-15 minutes. This may mean singing through the entire song a few times, or you might isolate a few spots, practice those, then put everything together.
  • Make it memorized! Since you will be recording, you can always plan to hold the music up behind your device, or even have it on your device to look at-IF NEEDED. HOWEVER, I want to see your faces smiling and singing in your homes, yards, neighborhoods, trampolines, etc, and not being bogged down by sheet music when recording is the best way!

Click here to access Give Us Hope sheet music and practice tracks. 


Tuesday, April 28 – Thursday, April 30

Happy YOUTUBEsday! Instead of watching another ensemble’s virtual choir today, you’re going to help create ours!  READ ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING.

Here’s how it’s gonna work…

  1. Sing your part once with the awesome young singers in the videos below, created by the Young People’s Chorus of NYC, with Mr. Papoulis himself playing piano.
  2. Click here for the Dickerson Virtual Choir Directions – this process is very specific to get the best audio and video–READ ALL DIRECTIONS BEFORE STARTING!
  3. Get yo singin’ on! *links from Virtual Choir Directions also listed below the Youtube videos*
BASS (FYI: the first few measures are cut off-still sing!)


Click here for the conducting practice video, or press play below.

Click here to upload your video – remember to read Virtual Choir Directions for the correct way to name your file.


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