Seventh Grade Chorus: March 30-April 3

Hi, 7th grade families!  Is your student interested in our 8th grade High School Visual Arts connection class?  If so, the application process starts now!  Seeing that we’re in a time of digital learning, we are going about this process a little differently than we usually do.  Please download the VA Comp application (below & located on Dickerson’s website).  All will be due back to Mrs. Bronzino by May 8th.  We will adjust all submission logistics as needed.  If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Mrs. Bronzino at

VA Comp in MS-recruitment letter Bronzino.pdf

Monday, March 30

Sing “Solfege in Thirds.”

Log in to your Flipgrid account (An instructions pdf for creating an account is located under the assignment from March 20) and you will see the assignment under your class grid.


Tuesday, March 31

Click here to complete your listening assignment.


Wednesday, April 1

Who’s ready for today’s sight-reading challenge?! Fun rhythms and breath markings and dynamics, oh my!

 The example is below. You will sing the line for the voice part you currently sing in class (Part 1=soprano, Part 2=alto).

Click here for directions and to record/submit today’s example.

SIDENOTE…how’s Chorus Bingo Round One going? How many squares can you fill in by the end of the week?? Who are going to be our Round One WINNERS? Visit the chorus homepage to download this week’s BINGO card.

Thursday, April 2

Learn all pitches for your part on Give Us Hope. Google drive has the sheet music and practice parts for each part. You should spend 15-20 minutes working this song today. Below is a recommended practice breakdown:

  1. Pull up and download into your own files the sheet music and your practice track (otherwise you will not be able to look at music and play the track simultaneously).
  2. If you’re on a larger device like a laptop or computer, put these files into a folder—make a new one called Chorus Spring 2020for easier future access.
  3. Listen to the entire song, looking your part in the sheet music and humming your pitches.
  4. Listen to the entire song again, this time lightly singing your part.
  5. Any tricky spots? Spend about 5 minutes going over trickier or new spots.
  6. Sing through the entire song again with excellent vowels and consonants!
  7. What part do you learn?….see below for important directions….

Soprano: 7-1 Part One, 7-2 Part One females

Alto: 7-1 Part Two, 7-2 Part Two

Tenor: I am not “assigning” this part to anyone BUT: all gentlemen in both classes can sing/hum this part once and if this part is more comfortable for your voice than the part you were assigned, learn this part!

Bass: 7-2 Part One guys sing/hum this part once and sing/hum through the tenor part once and see which is more comfortable for your voice and learn that part!

Know which part or PARTS you’re going to try out/practice with today? Click here to be taken to the Seventh Grade Chorus Google Drive folder.

Chorus Bingo Round One ends at the end of this week! Can you get BINGO? Can you get DOUBLE BINGO? TRIPLE?

Chorus Bingo Round ONE


Friday, April 3

  1. Log into your SightReadingFactory account and under the Assignments tab you will see today’s assignment, which is a rhythm example. First, read any unread feedback from previous examples before doing today’s – that feedback is just for you! Please be aware of your practice time (FIVE MINUTES) and maximum number of attempts (THREE) and use your time wisely!
  2. Can you complete a row of Chorus Bingo by the end of the day?
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