Sixth Grade Chorus: April 13-17

April 13

We have done eleven assignments so far, submitted via SightReadingFactory (click here), GoogleForms, and Flipgrid (click here). I LOVE hearing you sing and talk on the videos! I’d like for you to log back into SightReadingFactory and Flipgrid and make sure you have done all assignments. I will be entering grades into Synergy this week and I want you to get credit for how AWESOME you are!


April 14-17

For the rest of this week we will be learning about the seven elements of music. Work in the order listed below at your own pace.

  1. Read the article here.
  2. Watch the videos by clicking here.
  3. Complete the Elements of Music Practice assignment by clicking here.
  4. Complete the Elements of Music Project by clicking here.
6-1 click here to upload your project (password: dmssings).
6-2 click here to upload your project(password: dmssings).


TOMORROW 1-1:30PM I will be available live via Zoom if you have questions about this week’s assignments, would like something checked, need clarification about any older assignments, or just want to see the smiling faces of your classmates and say hi! Details are below. At the appropriate time, click the link, then enter the Meeting ID and password.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 731 2048 3058
Password: dmssings6

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