Sixth Grade Chorus: March 23-27

Monday, March 23

  1. Log into your SightReadingFactory account by clicking here.
  2. Click the Assignments tab, and read your feedback from last week’s assignments.
  3. Today your primary goal is replacing solfege with hand flips. Starting today, all sight-singing should be with hand flips, NOT solfege hand signs.
  4. Remember the feedback I gave you, and remember that today you begin using hand flips with your singing! Now complete today’s new sight-reading assignment. You have THREE attempts, but remember that if you click new attempt, you will get a new example. Practice steady with hand flips just like in class!


  • Click the tuning fork symbol in the right corner to hear your starting pitch, which is DO. Don’t lose DO!!
  • At the end of the practice time, watch the count-in carefully at the top of the screen so you begin at the correct time.
  • The red line moving across the example is where you should be if you started at the right time and are maintaining a steady tempo.
  • If you start too late, the red line will reach the end of the example before you and that’s when the recording stops!

SPECIAL SECRET SINGING TASK: I have a special secret task for you. Tomorrow is Ms. Hardy’s birthday, and I want us to sing to her! Tomorrow (TUESDAY) at 11:00AM we will have a live rehearsal for as many of you as are able! We will review the original Happy Birthday song (not the FSU version), and I will teach a little harmony part at the end. Then I will Facetime Ms. Hardy and we will sing it for her! But SHHHHHH it’s a secret. Click the link below tomorrow at between 10:50AM and 11:00AM and enter in the ID and password below. You do NOT need to download the Zoom app or create an account. Hope to see many of you virtually!

Dickerson Chorus is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on TUESDAY, MARCH 24 at 11:00AM.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 730 686 595
Password: dmssings6

Tuesday, March 24

Ever heard of a virtual choir? Believe it or not, it’s been around since about 2009!

Click here to watch this cool TEDTalk and complete your Google form assignment about the it. (You may recognize the speaker-we’ve watched/listened to his music in class!)

Click here to go to the official Virtual Choir website if you’re interested in learning more about virtual choirs!


Wednesday, March 25

  1. Click here to view/download Chorus Warm-Ups. If you have printer access, I would recommend printing for easier access.
  2. Find a spot in your home where you can comfortably sing by yourself so you’re not distracted by other people and so you can sing with good technique and posture. You may need to get creative-bedroom, basement, bathrooms have great acoustics! If you can pick a spot where you can use a mirror to check your posture, vowel shape, and breath, that is ideal–that’s what the pros do!
  3. Pick 10 warm-ups from the document that you know, and sing through them in their entirety with excellent singing posture, vowels, and consonants. If the warm-up involves movements, hand signs, etc, include it all! Re-familiarize yourself with the songs, with good technique, with breathing low, and with good diction – these things transfer to helping you be a better singer in any genre 🙂


Thursday, March 26

Chorus Warm-Ups Part Two

  1. Pick 10 DIFFERENT warm-ups you know from the Choral Warm-Ups pdf, and sing through them with excellent singing posture, vowels, and consonants. If the warm-up involves movements, hand signs, etc, include it all and get your whole body loose and warm.
  2. Tomorrow you are going to pick ONE warm-up from all the exercises you’ve sung today and yesterday, and your assignment will be using that warm-up. Now’s the time to start thinking about which warm-up you might want to use…


Friday, March 27


Chorus Warm-Ups Part Three

  1. You are now the teacher! Log in to your Flipgrid account. You will now see a new assignment called Teach a Warm-Up. Click that assignment.
  2. Read the instructions.
  3. Pick ONE warm-up from the Chorus Warm-Ups pdf (link under Wednesday’s assignments).
  4. Politely ask permission for someone in your house to be your “student,” and teach them the entire warm-up—all pitches, words, movements, etc. Once you both are ready, record yourself and your “student” performing the warm-up. Have fun! I can’t wait to see your videos!
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