Sixth Grade Chorus: May 11-15

Monday, May 11

Log in to SightReadingFactory (click here to log in) …

Complete your FINAL SRF assignment of the year (Sight-Singing Example #4)!!!

Tuesday, May 12

The last YOUTUBESday of the year calls for a special listening performance…YOURS!

Click here to watch the Sixth Grade Chorus Winter Concert 2019.

Then click here to complete your final listening assignment.

Wednesday, May 13 – Friday, May 15

The rest of this week is your time to double-check that you’ve done everything you need to in order to finish the year strong! Here’s your end-of-year checklist:

  1. Have you submitted all graded assignments? Check Synergy for any blanks or “N/A”‘s.
  2. Have you uploaded your recruitment video to Flipgrid? Click here to view this very special task.
  3. Have you checked out our awesome virtual chorus yearbook? Post a pic or video, write about a silly memory or favorite experience, or just upload a fun chorus or music meme! Click here to post or scroll through and see what’s already there.
  4. Have you set a reminder for our last Fri-HEYY Zoom this Friday at 11AM? Click here for Zoom link details (scroll down a little).

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