Sixth Grade Chorus: May 4-8

May 4

Happy first full week of May! Thank you to everyone who has already completed their Give Us Hope assignment. Snaps for you!!!

If you haven’t yet, guess what? You get one more chance to complete the assignment and be part of this special performance. TODAY ONLY! Carefully read all directions, which can be found by clicking here, then record and upload your video!

Do you have a chorus friend you know hasn’t submitted a video yet? #shame Send that person a text today and remind them!

Don’t miss out! Editing starts tomorrow!


May 5-8

Create a Dickerson Chorus recruitment video. I will compile the BEST, most convincing videos to create next year’s video to be shown during 6th grade music rotations. Click here for directions and to upload/record. DUE: FRIDAY, MAY 15

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